Computer Repair


Call computer service if you have one of the following situations.

If you see blue screen on your monitor, and system rebooting does not help.

If you smell something burning or another strange smell from the system unit. Quickly turn off the computer from the electrical outlet.

If your monitor is working properly and the computer does not boot. And after pressing the power button, nothing happens.

If your computer does not turn on, and the power supply is working. You hear the fan noise.

If your computer reboots all the time after power on.

Computer failure vary widely. It is important to recognize them in time to avoid data loss. Computer service can repair your computer fast. The sooner you find professional help, the sooner you will enjoy the time spent at the computer. Today, every town has computer service or computer specialist that will help to fix your computer. It does not matter, if it's a hardware malfunction or virus mischief. Everything can be forced to work.

Computer repair in Richmond [Indiana] :
Systems Solutions

City: Richmond
Address: 830 East Main Street

Tel: (765) 962-2420

Zip: 47374

type: Computer Store
Specialities: Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Systems Diagnostics, Software, Pc Repair, Installations, Hard...

Very Knowledgeable Fred at System Solutions has been in the Richmond area as long as if not longer than anyone else in this business,it can take longer than a week to do alot of things but the main thing is if he is that busy hes doing something right,try being patient,and since when are diagnostics free,and if anyone offers it free,dont expect them to be in business as long as System Solutions has. not bad but... souldnt take more than a week to tell me whats wrong with my computer and shouldnt charge me for looking at it either since other people do free diagnostics but he seemed knowledgeable unless he was just feeding me a bunch of bull. im shopping around from now on.


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